Deciding on the amount of resource and effort required in ensuring that your workplace activities are compliant and as safe as possible can be a challenge.  But what many employers don’t realise is that a safe workplace with employees who are bought into it can bring many other business benefits.

Like most business functions which require an element of time and cost resource to implement, there needs to be good reason for it to be justified.

There are three main drivers which encourage employers to take action:

Moral/Ethical Reasons

Don’t want to be faced with the guilt if an employee gets seriously injured or dies through an avoidable workplace activity.

Financial Reasons

It makes more sense to balance the overall cost of proper H&S management through training, communication, equipment maintenance etc rather than being faced with a huge bill when things go wrong. More serious incidents have a real chance of hitting the headlines which can damage a businesses reputation.

Legal Reasons

Huge fines and imprisonment are a real possibility if an employer is found in breach of H&S Law

Benefits of Good Workplace Safety

  • Fewer Accidents – lower employee absence
  • Better managed risks – fewer business costs
  • Lessened threat of legal action
  • Better reputation amongst investors & clients

Cost of Poor Workplace Practice

  • Huge financial costs incurred when things go wrong
  • Loss of reputation, damage to client base
  • Employee dissatisfaction leading to reduced productivity

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