Our advice to business owners:

A) Realise that you need to do something;
B) Remain flexible to changes brought about by the most recent Govt guidance; and
C) Realise that every businesses workspace is different therefore there is no hard & fast rule in achieving a COVID Secure workspace.

We offer help to create a COVID-Secure workplace.

“Our recent COVID secure safety check went fantastically well. John went over and above the call of duty by including a site visit to our multi-occupied site to make sure all of the COVID secure initiatives by the landlord were satisfactory. He met with the centre manager and inspected all the shared and communal areas, lifts and walkways.”
Andrew Prismall
Managing Director, HW Conveyancing Searches

For £200 (unless you have a complex or exceptionally large environment) you will receive help in ensuring that all the requirements are met as outlined in the Government COVID-Secure Policy and this will include a completed COVID Risk Assessment for your office/workplace.

Simply contact us using the HELP button giving us your email address, telephone number and the best time to call and we will do the rest.

If you do have a complex or exceptionally large environment lets talk – as we will still be able to help.

In the meantime here are a few general points which, if followed, will help to make sure that your offices and work areas are conforming to the latest Government guidance:

Have a “COVID-Secure” policy.

  • For businesses with small numbers of employees, use the basic “Staying COVID Secure Policy statement” produced by the government and ensure that it is communicated and displayed around your offices/workspaces, a link to the policy can be found through our Blog-Updates.
  • This basic Policy outlines a commitment to each of the following areas:
  1. Carrying out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment;
  2. Instigating additional cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures;
  3. Continuing to take all reasonable steps to help people work from home when practical;
  4. Maintaining 2 Metre distancing in the workplace; and where this cannot be achieved……..
  5. Doing everything else practical to manage transmission risk.
  • Many businesses feel that they are doing more than this in providing a safe return to work and have drawn up their own COVID-19 Policy which helps to communicate the plan to workers and site visitors.

Complete a COVID specific Risk Assessment.

  • In line with the policy statement, it is now a requirement for every business to have risk assessed their workplace to ensure it is COVID-Secure;
  • For companies with over 50 Employees, the COVID-19 Risk Assessment must be displayed on your company website;
  • Your COVID-19 Risk assessment should include a list of all COVID hazards in your workplace and what controls you have in place to mitigate the risk of infection; and
  • Any additional controls required should also be included in the Risk Assessment.

Keep up to date within Govt updates.

  • The Government are releasing daily updates, every morning at around 0900, and many of these updates refer to changes in keeping offices, workplaces and workers safe from COVID. Grounded Safety has been producing many blogs relating to the Govt updates which include links to information available, please visit the Grounded Safety Blog – Updates for more details.

A final point – Be flexible in adapting to changes and listen to your employee’s concerns

  • Ensure that any required changes set out by the Govt are reflected in your workplaces;
  • This may include increasing or decreasing distancing or enforcing tighter controls on cleaning routines; and
  • Always communicate any changes to employees and listen/act upon any issues raised from any employee who is concerned about working within the bounds of COVID controls.