The construction industry has been under the keen eye of the HSE Inspectorate for many years. This is because it’s appetite in managing safety, compared to the level of risk involved in most construction related activities, has in the past been extremely low.

The construction industry in general in recent years has “upped it’s game” which is great news. Evidence of this is supported by recent H&S figures which show a decline in construction sector accidents and fatalities.

The CDM Regs 2015 was instrumental in bringing about this change as it forced every construction project, regardless of size, to appoint a Principle Contractor who is responsible for site safety.
What many smaller construction companies are not aware of is that the CDM Regulations apply to ALL construction projects including the seemingly simple domestic jobs where a trades or construction firm is appointed to undertake work. This means that you could be the sole tradesperson on the project and therefore you are responsible for all the regulations stated under CDM for that project.

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