There are many trades businesses out there who simply think that Health and Safety laws simply don’t apply to their business. Unfortunately, statistics show that it’s the small trades businesses who are more likely to be on the wrong end of a Health & Safety visit and subsequent fine than any other industry.

The reason for this is because trades businesses carry a lot of risk in the activities in which they undertake. This means that employees, and others who are in close proximity to the work activity such as site visitors and the general public, are at extreme risk of being harmed. Whilst this can be said for other larger trades firm, the realisation is that the bigger firms are more likely to have good controls in place allowing them to safely manage their work activities meaning that the likelihood of causing harm is lessened.

Grounded Safety understand that for any small trades business (10 employees or less), safety may be on their mind but won’t necessarily be high on the list of things to do which is why we have tailored packages to suit just what you and your business needs and nothing more.

Do not be the trades business owner who has safety at the top of their “to do” list – act now and get those controls in place to keep you business, and you employees safe.

Do health & safety worries keep you awake at night?