The Office Safety Suite is your tool to manage safety concerns.




A significant number of workplace injuries happen in offices across the UK every year.

All business owners are legally obliged to ensure all office activities are adequately assessed to keep employees and visitors from harm.

Our mission with the Office Safety Suite is simple – it exists to provide business owners and their teams guaranteed peace of mind knowing the office environment is a safe place to work.

We can help you with managing your office safety by:

Conducting an Annual Safety Review of your Workplace:

  • Discussion of safety concerns
  • Audit to identify any safety compliance shortfalls keeping you on track in maintaining a safe workplace

Providing a 90-minute Employee Health & Safety Online Training Package:

  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) & Workstation Training
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Fire Safety Training
  • General Workplace Safety

Providing Access to the Grounded Safety Office Suite Documents:

  • Health & Safety Policy package (Tutorials, Guidance & Templates)
  • Office Risk Assessment package (Tutorials, Guidance & Templates)
  • Health & Safety Communication package (Tutorials, Guidance and Templates)
  • Access to Industry Legal Updates
  • Regular topical blogs and guidance

Supplying Instant Access to immediate guidance and support:

  • 15-minute emergency call to support and advise on any immediate significant safety concerns such as a workplace accident or an HSE (Health & Safety Executive) inspector visit

Providing at Reduced Rates Additional Health & Safety System Support Including:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • PAT Testing
  • COVID Support
  • First Aid Certification
  • Legionella & Asbestos management
  • Health & Safety incident investigation
  • RIDDOR Reporting
  • HSE inspection/visit

What kind of hazards should you be concerned with managing in your office workspace?