Managing Health & Safety Policy


Information on the content and form of a suitable policy.


Content examples to give you a head start.


An annual expert review of your policy document.

 General Workplace Risks 


How to identify, assess and manage workplace risks.


A selection of useful tutorials to help you on your way.


Conduct your own risk assessment/method statement.

Managing Other Workplace Risks


Looking at other workplace risks, for example, fire safety.


A selection of useful tutorials to aid understanding.

Risk Assessments

Carry out risk assessments of other workplace activities.

Communicating Safety


Effectively communicate important safety messages to all interested parties.


Templates for effective communication, for example, an Action Management Plan.


A selection of useful tutorials to help you communicate safety.

Competent Advice

Glossary of Terms

A guide to help you navigate around all the different terms used in health and safety management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all those questions that employees ask you.

Legal Updates

Recent, relevant cases, with expert commentary to help you can grow your understanding.

Expert Advice

Advice from an expert, so you know it’s correct, not just something someone thinks is right.

Legislation Register

A list of all relevant health and safety legislation regularly updated by a competent expert.

“Thank you for allowing us access to the Safety Management Portal and in turn, providing invaluable information and advice for the preparation of a ‘Health and Safety Document’.

It was extremely useful to have access to clear information describing in simple and concise terms as to what a Risk Assessment is, to note the actions required, identifying the stages of a Risk Assessment and in turn recording the assessments.

Steyning Good Neighbours has certainly benefited from the advice available and l am most grateful to you.”

Chairman Steyning Good Neighbours

This support package not only helps to maintain a safe site to keep your employees and site visitors safe but also keeps your business compliant from a Health & Safety legal perspective.

Do health & safety worries keep you awake at night?